Convento del Santo Ecce homo, Colombia

This album follows on from Villa de Leyva, Colombia

The Convento del Santo Ecce homo is a Dominican friary situated at some distance from Villa de Leyva, in what felt like a rather lonely location. We came on a Monday, when it’s closed to visitors, which no doubt reinforced the impression, as well as making for a more memorable experience. The Santo Ecce homo is actually a painting, said to have been pilfered by a Spanish soldier in the Sacco di Roma of 1527 and brought to South America. His son was instrumental to the founding of the convent in 1620.

The church was completed in 1661. The façade may have been modified in the early years of the 19th c.
Note the dogs. (Domini canes = dogs of the Lord. The Dominicans are of course named after their founder St. Dominic, but they liked this pun.)
‚ÄěHorses for rent.‚Äú
These of course are no caballos.

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